[Watch] White Woman Brutally Punched In Subway After Asking Black Man To Stop “Manspreading”

woman is claiming she was physically assaulted on the subway for asking a man politely to stop “manspreading,” which is known as when somebody is spreading the knees and legs across multiple seats, blocking others from sitting.

Sam Saia, 37, the alleged victim, says she was punched in the face after asking a man next to her to stop manspreading while sitting beside her on the N train from Bensonhurst to Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

After Saia made claims that the man was crowding her during her morning commute, he allegedly made very violent, racist remarks towards her, saying “B***h, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white bitches like you, fucking c**t! You ain’t nothing, you fucking b***h!” He then allegedly punched her, knocking her head into the wall.

One man rushed to the alleged victim’s defense and told the man to get the “f**k off the train.” The attacker tried to apologize before leaving, a good gesture, but it’s a little late.

You have no idea who you are going to run into in public, this is similar to road rage incidents, you don’t know you is in the other car you are arguing with, they might have a gun, they might be mentally unstable.

If you are alone on the subway, do everything in your power to avoid confrontation because you never know who it is you are confronting, it could be a drug addict who is out of his mind and decides to lash out and attack somebody, similar to this incident.

The New York city subway is an interesting place, and maybe not one where you want to talk to somebody new for the first time, it’s not this woman’s fault, just be wary.

Watch this video and see how the situation was handled by the man who intervened.

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